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10 Top Reasons Men Give for Dressing Poorly

In an era that holds a great premium on appearance, it’s amazing to see the excuses – some – men (obviously, not you) give for not dressing ‘up to par

Here are the the top-10 reasons:

1. I hate to shop.

This is no excuse for being poorly dressed. You’re just sabotaging yourself. Image is your most powerful marketing tool and is not to be taken lightly. We all have to find the time for maintenance and shopping. You can, however, find a solution such as working with a personal stylist or a clothier who will put it all together for you.

2. I’m losing weight.

This may be so; unfortunately no one cares – or knows this – except for you and people view you – today – as to how you look and judge you by your appearance. It will be to your advantage to dress at the weight you are and then have your clothes altered when you shed the pounds.

3. I see other guys dressed worse than me.

The truth is, you can’t help them, but you can help yourself. You will also stand out from the competition if you dress properly and look successful.

4. I want to be comfortable.

If your clothing fits properly and if you take advantage of techno fabrics and smart clothing technology you should be as comfortable is a suit as in a jogging outfit. As far as wearing a tie, who said gains don’t come without some discomfort? Tell that to the guy who does dress well and is blowing away his competition.

5. My wife shops for me and would kill me if I bought clothes.

A touchy subject, but never dress in a costume of failure. Man-up and take responsibility for your image! If you’re serious about your career and making money, you better look the part.

6. I don’t want to look like I am charging my clients too much money.

Nonsense! To gain business you need to look successful or at least like you are taking your own advice. Remember, ”You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”- Oscar Wilde

7. I can’t find clothes to fit me.

This is a tough challenge for many and one of the biggest reasons many men are penalized with a poor image. The good news is there are made-to-measure clothing solutions for you. Having your clothes made for you if you – especially – if you are athletically built, short, tall, thin or large, will give you the comfort and image you need.

8. I have kids and family and can’t spend money on my self.

This is even a greater reason to take charge of your image and dress well. You need to succeed for them as well as for yourself, and have a lot riding on your shoulders. Looking successful and projecting a professional image will increase your chances of making more money.

9. I lost my job and can’t afford new clothes.

It’s a tough job market and if you want to increase your chances of edging out the competition and landing that job, you must look successful and not desperate. Being well dressed will boost your confidence and impress your future employer.

10. I don’t know how to choose clothes and coordinate my clothing.

Seek wardrobe advice from a professional that understands the dressing protocol of your profession and knows how to help you select clothing that flatters your body type, hair color, eye color and skin tone.

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10 Top Reasons Men Give for Dressing Poorly

by Janine Giorgenti