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2020’s Newest Menswear Trends!

Menswear’s Most Progressive Year!

2020 has already proven itself to be a historical pivot in Menswear! Dapper Dressing is essential for 2020 Men’s fashion, as dapper and dandy men’s fashion is making a huge comeback! Here are Menswears favorite trends this year!

Blue Pinstripe Suit with Peak Lapels

Pinstripes have been one of Men’s Fashions biggest comebacks! Pinstripes have been revitalized for 2020’s most modern fashions. These beautiful new suits are here to stay!

Pleated Pants in a Trim Fit

The essence of detail and bespoke tailoring has made a HUGE comeback. Believe it or not, pleated pants are coming back in a new modern fit and construction, to become 2020’s ultimate tailored look for Menswear! Combined with a newer trim leg fit and creative waistband construction, these are sure to give you that dapper and dandy edge!

Double Breasted Brown Suit with Peak Lapels

1920’s Style is coming back big time, 100 years later, with a modern edge that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in Menswear! Slim fitted double breasted jackets with wide peak lapels have taken over as the power suit of the year!

Colorful Sport Coats

Creative dressing in Menswear using bold color has been a hit for the past year now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere! We know a lot of you guys love this one, so that’s why this year we picked up even MORE colorful fabrics to make suits and sport coats out of! We’re talking Greens, Robins Egg Blues, Pinks, Teal, and even Orange!

Teal Green Plaid Suit with Blue Solid Vest

A city trend at it’s finest, pairing a colorful plaid suit with a solid colored vest is the perfect way to showcase your modern creativity with Menswear, and is a surefire way to make you look neat, dapper, and absolutely elegant.


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2020’s Newest Menswear Trends!

by Janine Giorgenti