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The 3 Biggest Fashion Mistakes at Networking Events

How *Not* to Dress at a Networking Event.

The last couple of weeks have ushered in a flurry of networking events (as this time of the year usually does), and, I have enjoyed each and every function I have had the pleasure of attending. Nothing is more stimulating than meeting bright and like-minded individuals from various backgrounds (business and otherwise).

Networking events are a great way for you to make invaluable business connections, but as Will Rogers once said, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Your presentation will speak volumes, even before the introductory handshake.

Here are (3) fashion mistakes to avoid at your next networking event:

Dressing too casually

Your colleagues and prospects will not take you seriously if you don’t look like you mean business. This is not the time for you to dress down. You will attract more clients and business if you wear your best and – most – expensive looking business attire.

Look successful and you will attract success.

Wearing unpolished or cheap-looking shoes that are in poor condition

People notice your shoes.

You will often hear me refer to a high quality pair of shoes as a good way to “finish the look” on your business suit ensemble, well, in this case it is even of greater importance. In a “first impression” scenario, such as a networking event, your shoes can ‘make or break’ your overall attire.

Wearing outdated, cheap, worn out, or unpolished shoes are a surefire way to turn off prospective clients.

Wearing outdated clothing

Let’s get one thing straight. Your next networking event, which may feature the “who’s who” of your industry, is not the time or place to pull out that suit you once proudly wore in 2006.

Fair or not, we live in an “elevator pitch” era, where the first few seconds of a business interaction can mean the difference between a long and fruitful business relationship, or, a cordial “good luck” handshake. If you present yourself as someone who is out of touch with modern fashion, you risk making yourself look ‘irrelevant’; especially in today’s hyper-competitive landscape.

The truth is, men’s fashion has evolved over the years. Pants are non-pleated and trimmer, suit and jacket lengths are shorter with narrower lapels – with  trimmer shoulders and a more sculptured fit.

If you’re going to spend the money and invest the time in attending a networking event, make sure you put yourself in the best situation to make the optimal first impression.

Heading to a Networking Event ?

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The 3 Biggest Fashion Mistakes at Networking Events

by Janine Giorgenti