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3 Styles of Dress Socks for the Stylish Professional

More Important Than Ever.

By Janine Giorgenti

For most men, socks serve the purpose of nothing more than a hygienic utility – merely to keep feet clean and shoes smelling fresh. This usage (or misuse) represents

a lost opportunity to demonstrate a keen sense of cutting edge fashion. As mentioned in our last blog post on men’s slacks and dress pants, I am a big proponent of “completing the look”. Lately, stylish men’s socks have taken on greater visibility – with trendy dressers highlighting their socks in sophisticated slacks/shoes/socks combinations.

As the weather warms up, and spring fashions progress to the forefront, stylish socks will regain an instrumental role in the “limelight” of professional fashion.

Here are three styles of socks that every stylish professional needs in their sock drawer.

1 – Neutral Socks.

Perfect for a professional setting, black-tie, or formal event; neutral colored (standard black, navy, and white) socks provide the simple – yet standard – complement to your professional attire.

The key – when wearing neutral colored socks – is to match them with the color of your pants (and not your shirt or shoes). Furthermore, you will want to avoid matching the – exact – shade of socks and pants. While this issue is generally reserved for colors such as navy and grey, you will want to make sure that there is a clear differentiation in the hue of the slacks and socks.

Equally as important is texture. If you are wearing, for example, a tweed suit; you do not want to wear silk socks.

2 – Block Color

If your style is more extravagant and demands more variety – beyond the standard black or navy; you will want to look into “block” colored socks. This refers to brighter (many times, pastel) colors that allow you to add some boldness to your overall ensemble.

One matching tip is to pick out accents from your tie (or shirt) and complement or contrast – your sock color of choice – as you see fit.

3- Patterned Socks

Prints and patterns are “in” for 2015. More and more men have adopted patterned socks to be a subtle display of their modern fashion sense.

While I prefer the more toned-down striped socks, this is an area that affords flexibility and creativity for how bold you want to be with your sock patterns. What I am particular about – when it comes to patterned socks – is to stay away from matching sock patterns for any patterns you may have on your tie or shirt. For instance; if you’re wearing an argyle-patterned cardigan, an argyle-patterned pair of socks will come off as redundant. Similarly, if your overall ensemble features stripes, you are best to stray away from a striped pair of socks.

Looking for socks that will propel you onto the cutting edge of fashion trends for this spring? Giorgenti New York offers a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns!

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3 Styles of Dress Socks for the Stylish Professional

by Janine Giorgenti