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4 Tips for Wearing Cufflinks

Class. Style. Simplicity. Let’s link up.

By Janine Giorgenti

Cufflinks may be simple and subtle, but if worn right – they add an element of class and personality which speaks volumes. Many of my clients have asked me – recently – on what the right ways are to wear cufflinks, and what shirt(s) they go with best.

The Basics.

1. The right shirt.

The first requisite is that you wear a shirt that will accommodate cufflinks. Look for a shirt that has either French or double cuffs.

Once you find the appropriate shirt; you will want to fold the cuffs back so they form a straight line towards the end of the sleeve. Once the cuffs are folded back, fold the open edges – of the shirt cuff – together. The two sides should lay evenly and flat opposing the wrist. Then, it’s a matter of lining up the holes of the cufflinks (simple enough, right?).

The “head” of the cufflinks should face outwards from your body. When your hands are at your hips, the cufflinks should be facing “east and west”.

2. Selecting The Right Cufflinks.

Ever heard the phrase, “Keep It Simple Silly” (KISS)? That very much applies here.

It is very easy to get carried away and select an overtly extravagant pair of cufflinks. Perhaps you saw a colleague wearing large cufflinks – that really stood out – and thought that your next pair of cufflinks needed to have the same “wow” factor. Not so!

I always tell my clients to select cufflinks that are simple and stylish. Keep in mind, your cufflinks are ‘completing the look’ for the ends of your sleeves. In a way, your cufflinks organize your cuffs. Stay away from the pageantry of big “novelty” cufflinks which may – in fact – send the wrong message.

3. Make the Match.

Now for the operative question of matching cufflink to particular colors of dress shirts. ‘Neutral’ colors – like gray, black, blue, and silver – are fairly easy to match with a wide variety of colors. Beyond that, red cufflinks – for example – generally match well with a white shirt with red stripes.

4. Luxury Cufflinks.

For that upcoming wedding, holiday party, or black-tie affair; you will want to go beyond our suggested convention of ‘keeping it simple’, but you will want to go in a dressier direction (within reason).

For that truly “next level” look of class, consider cufflinks that are diamond or jewel encrusted; which go perfectly for a wedding or black-tie affair ensemble. Again, it is to be noted that this does not call for “bigger” – or novelty – cufflinks.

Looking to buy a gift for a – male – friend, family member, or colleague? You may want to explore gold cufflinks – which go very well with tuxedos.

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4 Tips for Wearing Cufflinks

by Janine Giorgenti