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5 Classic Men’s Topcoats

Men’s Topcoats. Timeless Elegance. By Janine Giorgenti Overcoats, a men’s fashion staple that stands the test of time, were once viewed as a sort of “robe” – for men – in some cultures. Many of these

garments gave birth to generations of derivative outer garment fashions.

Topcoats, on the other hand, have remained relatively unchanged for centuries. Here are some classic examples of timeless topcoats:

The Chesterfield

The Trenchcoat

The Frock

The Ulster

The Paddock Coat

While many of these designs were to fulfill era-specific needs and reflect era-specific styles; many of these fashions were born out of military garments and concepts.

Today, the men’s topcoat is a key accessory to “completing the look” in a stylish winter wardrobe for today’s man.

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5 Classic Men’s Topcoats

by Janine Giorgenti