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5 Steps to Properly Folding a Dress Shirt

Keep your shirts looking new. By Janine Giorgenti Whether you’re traveling, or, just interested in keeping your beautiful dress shirts looking new; it is important to know the proper techniques of folding your shirt.

First, make sure you are using a flat, clean, and dry surface. If you do not have an adequate space, use a flat object, such as your briefcase, flat and dry towel, or the back side of your suitcase.


Remove any visible wrinkles from your shirt. In general, this is a good practice to maintain. Iron out the more visible wrinkles, and if need be, use starch to remove the finer wrinkles – and to give your shirt a “sharper” appearance.


Make sure to fasten all the shirt’s buttons; this will ensure that the flaps do not “fold in”, avoid creasing of the shirt’s fabric, and will assist in keeping the shirt’s tails from getting caught up and pulled by other items (most notably when packing shirts in a suitcase).


Lay the shirt – flat – facing “back side up” on your folding surface. Start with the shirt’s right side, carefully fold the arms across the upper back (as if you’re draping the arms across the shoulders). Make sure that the cuff is at the “edge” of the opposite shoulder. The shirt’s sleeves and cuffs should be lying flat, with no creases or “bunching up”.


Grip the right side of your shirt by holding one hand on the shoulder, pinching the sleeve, and the other at the lower end of the shirt’s seam. Proceed to fold the right side across the back – of the shirt – to align with the center of the shirt’s collar. Repeat this step for the left side. .

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5 Steps to Properly Folding a Dress Shirt

by Janine Giorgenti