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Published on September 7th, 2017 | by Janine Giorgenti


5 Things to Eliminate from your Wardrobe (Part I)

Just in Time for Fall Cleaning

Fall is officially here, and that means a chance for you give your wardrobe a fresh (re) start!

Don’t know where to start? Fret not! I am here to set the guidelines.

Let’s start with five items to say goodbye to:

1 – That dated, loose-fitting suit that fits you like a bag.

I’m talking about your suit that’s dated with wide shoulders, a baggy silhouette, and in a longer length with baggy pleated pants. Donate this suit and modernize your look with a slimmer cut suit, with narrower shoulders and lapel, more fitted, shorter length suit or sport coat, coupled with trim fitting pants..

2 – The holiday sweater.

Remember that sweater that Aunt Sally got you for Christmas or Hannukah? You don’t? Exactly.

If you haven’t been wearing it during the last year, you won’t wear it now.

3 – Ties that scream “Birthday Gift”.

While not all gift ties are from the “buy me now” rack at your local department store, there’s always a chance that tie you received for your last birthday does not give you the polished look that you deserve. If that gift tie is anything less than fit for your professional look, find another place in the house – other than the closet – in case you’re ever asked, “whatever happened to that tie I got you?”.

4 – Clothes that are ripped or have holes (that are not supposed to be there).

Barring the fact that you’re 16, rips and holes are not cool (or as the kids say, kewl). As a professional, your image can be negatively impacted by the smallest of clothing defects.

5 – Sentimental clothes that don’t fit.

From time to time, we all get sentimental about our clothes; maybe it was a dress shirt that a loved one gave you (which holds special meaning), or, something you bought while traveling. As stated above, if it’s an article of clothing that you have not worn in a while, don’t expect that to change. Let it go.

Dive into Fall with the Giorgenti Fall Collection!

With an exquisite array of styles and designs to choose from, we will help you transition to Fall with a classy modern look, unique to you.

Let’s get started!

Call Janine Giorgenti at (646) 957-6916 to schedule your custom Fall fitting.

Giorgenti is conveniently located at:

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Garden City, NY 11530

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5 Things to Eliminate from your Wardrobe (Part I)

by Janine Giorgenti