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5 Trending Collar Styles for Spring 2015

What Does Your Collar Say About You? By Janine Giorgenti When buying a brand new dress shirt, chances are you pay attention to the color, pattern, and the overall fit. Lately, however, more and more savvy

dressers are starting to take note of collar type as a key factor in deciding on a shirt. While different collar types do help to accentuate face shape and structure; they also have their own characteristics in telling the full story about the shirt.

Here are (5) collars that are trending this Spring.

Forward Point Collar

Also known as the “straight point collar”, the forward point collar is the most commonly featured collar on dress shirts. Many may argue it is also the most versatile collar. This collar offers a smaller spread (designed for smaller tie knots) and is perfect for four-in-hand knot.

This collar is recommended for those with a rounder face shape, as it gives them a “leaner” appearance.

Pin Collar

One of the oldest and history rich collars is on the forefront for 2015. The pin collar, which dates back to the 19th century, features two holes at each collar point – to allow for a pin to connect both points. The pin collar allows for an “elevated” tie look, giving your tie an added level of prestige. This collar is very much a formal look and is best suited for a four-in-hand knot.

Club Collar

The club collar, also known in some circles as the “golf collar”, dates back to 19th century England. As time went on, the collar gained significance as – in many instances – it signified membership in clubs.

This collar’s unique characteristic is its rounded shape, and, is certainly not for everyone. The club collar is ideal for those that have an athletic build or “angular” facial features, as the rounded edges – of the collar – play well to rugged facial features.

The club collar goes well with a ‘small’ tie knot, or, in a more formal setting – with no tie and the top button undone.

Contrasting Collar

Known affectionately as the “banker’s collar”, the contrasting collar is set apart with its contrasting colors. Once seen as an exclusively professional dress shirt, this shirt has made its way into the “casual” conversation.

The best part about the contrasting collar is that it – by its very nature – offers a lot of variety and customization between colors, styles, and patterns.

Spread Collar

Fan of large tie knots? The spread collar may be your best bet!

The spread collar’s main feature is the widely separated points. The collar goes well with a half or full Windsor knot, and, plays better for those with leaner face shapes.

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5 Trending Collar Styles for Spring 2015

by Janine Giorgenti