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Ath-Leisure: The Ultimate of Comfort?

Combining The Best of Two Worlds

By Janine Giorgenti

The importance of fit and comfort in clothing is now more prevalent than ever before. This demand is now seen as a top priority within the fashion industry. This has been especially true for menswear, as men tend to lean towards comfort rather than style.

Technology and style have merged to take away the decision of whether to choose comfort or style.

Athletic + leisure = Ath-Leisure!

Ath-leisure is perfect for men that want to look good and be comfortable. You can now have the best of both worlds!

From un-constructed sport coats, to clean fitting joggers and stretch denim, these beautiful new garments allow our bodies to move with ease!

Three hallmarks of Ath-Leisure:

1: The un-constructed sport coat!

Traditionally, men’s suits in America were heavily constructed with a hefty canvas throughout the whole garment, and quite large shoulder padding.

Recently, the Italians took their tailoring to the new and modern levels, by making their garments with micro-thin shoulder padding and little-to-no canvas; creating the ultimate lightweight garment that is extremely easy to move in.

Still a classy look, with a form fitting silhouette, the un-constructed coat is the most essential part of a modern man’s wardrobe in current time and the following years to come!

2: Joggers, the clean-cut sweatpant:

The biggest fashion trend to emerge from 2013 was the fitted jogger pant.

Literally to be worn almost anywhere (okay maybe not to church or your next wedding), the jogger pant is the ultimate way to stay clean, yet stylish!

Pair these with a sweater and even an un-constructed sport coat for the ultimate trendy look of 2018, as well staying as comfortable as if you’re in pajamas!

3: Stretch denim, for in and out of the office:

Now that men’s fashion has created the “clean jean,” denim appropriate for the office and a night out, the need for well-fitting denim has become a must.

Meeting this demand of modern fashion, technology has allowed for the creation of the new “stretch denim!” You can now look comfortable and dressed up appropriately at your office, and not have to change when taking a night out on the town.

Hope these tips give you the latest edge for 2018!

Experience the comfort and fit of Ath-Leisure!

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Ath-Leisure: The Ultimate of Comfort?

by Janine Giorgenti