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Because Sweaters Are Now Essential To Your Wardrobe

Because Sweaters Are Now Essential To Your Wardrobe

Sweaters, turtlenecks, and other knitwear pieces have become an integral part to the Modern Mans wardrobe. These are valuable layering pieces, as well as staple pieces that can be worn on their own with jeans or dress pants! You can dress them up, or dress them down.

Grey Two Piece Sharkskin Suit with Black Turtleneck

Keeping knitwear classy is actually easier than you may think! For a calm, casual day at the office, pulling of a turtleneck with a beautifully tailored two piece is one of the most modern, and just plain sexy outfits you can wear! Try wearing a contrast color turtleneck from your suit, like a light grey suit with a black turtleneck. Or, try a monochrome look, such as a blue suit, with a slightly darker blue turtleneck!

Black Sweater With Grey Jeans and Sneakers

Wearing a turtleneck sweater or even a crewneck sweater with a pair of slim-fitted jeans is the perfect go-to for this winter. This outfit works for practically everything, and is just so damn good that you’ll always feel confident wearing it! This outfit works with boots and sneakers as well to make it even easier.

Grey Sweater over White Dress Shirt and Medium Wash Jeans

For a business casual environment, maintaining a clean, classy, self-respectable demeanor is key. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be easy! Throwing a crewneck sweater over a clean custom dress shirt, and a slim fitted pair of jeans works absolutely perfect for this kind of work environment. This outfit is also perfect for higher-class dining, and even classy dinner parties as well!

Plaid Light Grey Suit with Olive Sweater and Silver Dress Shirt

Yes, it is going to start getting cold real soon, and the chills in the office are going to make their comeback once again this year. The perfect way to combat this? Wear your tailored custom suit with a beautiful cashmere or merino woolen sweater over your dress shirt and under your jacket! This will give you the class that you need for your office, and keep your warm throughout the day!

Black Turtleneck with Grey Flannel Dress Pants

Fall is upon us, and we’re going to start getting those intermediate-cold days pretty soon. For my city-goers and night-owls who love the city nightlife, especially during the fall, this one’s for you! One of our personal favorites is the turtleneck over a clean tailored pair of pants, for the smoothest fall outfit that works for the office, or the bar!

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Because Sweaters Are Now Essential To Your Wardrobe

by Janine Giorgenti