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Best Outfits For The Holidays! | Dressing Tips!


Enjoy The Holidays In Style!

Dressing for the holidays has proven to be a difficult task for most men, believe it or not. The holidays are not the appropriate time to wear the “ugly sweater.” In fact, there is NO appropriate time to wear those! Here are the best ways to dress for the holidays!

Light Grey Windowpane Sport Coat with Cashmere Sweater and Grey Jeans

It can be very cold around the holidays, so layering becomes your best friend. A monochromatic look is the best way to do this correctly! Try wearing a solid cashmere sweater over a clean dress shirt and jeans. Then, you can dress it up a bit with a nice sport coat!

Grey with Burgundy Plaid Suit with Solid Burgundy Vest

Contrasting a solid color vest with a plaid two piece suit is a perfect holiday outfit! This outfit exudes confidence and character, and is just plain beautiful!

Light Grey Sportcoat with Green Windowpane, White Dress Shirt and Black Jeans

Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of color to push your boundaries a little bit! Adding a little bit of color in your sport coat allows you to really showcase your holiday spirit in sophisticated style! Try wearing a grey sport coat with a hint of green in it, or maybe, a blue with a hint of red! This is perfect for adding a bit of color, without going over the top!

Emerald Plaid Sports Coat with Navy Turtleneck and Black Jeans

Now, if you REALLY want a showstopper outfit that really looks amazing, try wearing a colorful sport coat over a solid turtleneck and black jeans! This is perfect for finding that special someone at the bar on New Years Eve 😉! This is the perfect outfit for a fashion forward gentleman who is not afraid to push his own boundaries, and loves a beautiful outfit!

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Best Outfits For The Holidays! | Dressing Tips!

by Janine Giorgenti