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Custom Dressing a Bodybuilder (In Commemoration of “Arnold” Weekend)

A Unique Challenge. By Janine Giorgenti For those of you that don’t know, this weekend – in Columbus, Ohio – is the Arnold Sports Festival, named after – of course – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You might be wondering, “why Columbus, Ohio?”.

The story goes; that in 1970, Schwarzenegger competed in the Mr. World competition, held in Columbus, and after winning the competition – he declared, “This is the best competition I’ve ever been in. When I’m done competing in the sport of bodybuilding, I want to go into the promotion of the sport and do everything I can to legitimize and raise the image of the sport and I’m going to come back to Columbus, Ohio.”

The bodybuilding world is one that I have had the unique fortune of interacting with over the course of the last year. I was first introduced to David Palumbo (pictured below), who – during his career – was considered one of the most impressive bodybuilders in the world. He now owns his own nutritional supplement company, SPECIES Nutrition, as well as a news/media site for the bodybuilding world –

The next bodybuilder I would be introduced to is a young man by the name of Sadik Hadzovic, a very impressive individual. Sadik recently finished 2nd place in his division of the ‘Men’s Physique’ division at the Mr. Olympia competition. In addition to being one of the premiere competitors in the sport, Sadik helps operate his family’s property management company.

I did a piece on dressing Sadik, with the challenges that a suit maker faces dressing a man with a large physique. You can read the piece here.

This past month, I was introduced to my third member of the bodybuilding fraternity, Rick Collins. Rick, in addition to being a bodybuilder, is also one of the foremost legal authorities on all matters bodybuilding. Rick is the legal counsel to the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB), the governing body for the sport. Recently, I had the pleasure of dressing Rick in a brand new Giorgenti New York suit ensemble.

In all, I am very thrilled that I came across the bodybuilding industry. These are men who work so tirelessly to develop and maintain physiques, and, in many cases – have other endeavors in and outside the sport. Furthermore, dressing these gentlemen gave me the practice of successfully dressing men with larger-than-usual physiques – using techniques (and nano technology) to customize clothing that would meet their unique bodies and high-demand lifestyles.

I want to wish David, Sadik (who will be competing in the ‘Physique’ Division of the Arnold Classic), and Rick the best of luck this weekend in Columbus!

Do you have a unique body shape that other tailors or suit makers have not been able to address?

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Custom Dressing a Bodybuilder (In Commemoration of “Arnold” Weekend)

by Janine Giorgenti