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[Do This] – When you spill coffee on your dress shirt.

Holy Shirt

By Janine Giorgenti

I received this message from a client:

Dear Janine, I just spilled coffee on my dress shirt and I have a very important meeting in a half hour. What do I do now?

We’ve all been there –  that fresh morning cup of Colombian roast – to perk us up – and then the inexplicable dunce moment that results in that caffeine-packed goodness ending up creating a big messy stain on your crisp new shirt.

Now what?

First step is to NOT PANIC (!!!). Seriously though, the first step in removing a stain from your shirt is to act quickly. The longer you wait, the more permanent the stain becomes.

Here are a few important tips:

· To stop the spill from spreading, use – for instance – a butter knife; to remove the excess liquid.

· Blot the excess liquid with a paper towel. Do not start rubbing or smear the stain. That will only spread the stain and make it worse.

· Do not use a colored cloth to clean a stain, or else you will exacerbate the problem by adding more color.

· Use a white cloth to remove a stain.

· Wet the cloth with cold water and begin blotting the stain, from the outer edge inward.

Use any of the following agents easily obtained from a drug or supermarket to eliminate the stain:

1. A stain remover laundry stick.

2. Rubbing alcohol.

3. Baking soda.

· Saturate the area with any of these cleaning agents, while rubbing gently with a white cloth. Rinse the area with cold water.

· Blot again with a dry paper cloth or white cloth and blow-dry the wet area (if at work use the hand dryer in the restroom.)

Hope this helps you avert disaster.

Good Luck!

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[Do This] – When you spill coffee on your dress shirt.

by Janine Giorgenti