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How Often Should You Dry Clean Your Suits?

Skip a Cleaning (or two).

By Janine Giorgenti

Men’s suits – in their very essence – are beautiful constructions of fabric, designed to elevate one’s level of class, professionalism, and prestige. It is no wonder that we wish to keep our suits looking their very best. Lately, my clients have been asking me how often they should dry clean their suits, understanding what effect dry cleaning can have on a suit’s longevity.

In general, a men’s suit should be dry cleaned at least once a season. That said, the rate at which you dry clean your suit should vary on how often it is used. Some may require their suit be dry cleaned once a month, whereas others may near a yearly dry cleaning – depending on the suit’s primary function (mainly for weddings, formal events, etc).


It is very important to use only high quality and reputable dry cleaning companies. A good dry cleaning will – thoroughly – remove stains that have accumulated over time (including stains that occurred a long time ago). Furthermore, the suit should fit the same way before the dry cleaning. If your suit comes back “shiny” or “glossy”, or, has any indents – you may need to find a new dry cleaning service.

Finally, you should be proactive about examining your suit, carefully, to check for signs of wear and tear and any pronounced stains or patterns that need to be washed out.

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How Often Should You Dry Clean Your Suits?

by Janine Giorgenti