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How to Choose the Right Belt Size

Find the right fit

By Janine Giorgenti

Raise your hand if you have ever owned a belt that was too tight, or, so loose that it served as a glorified pants ornament. Now put your hand down.

Many men squeeze into their – ill-fitting – belts, wearing it on the last straining hole. Discomfort aside, a poor-fitting belt as a way of showing itself (if your shirt is tucked in) which can paint a very unflattering depiction of your overall fashion sense (and self awareness).

Here’s how you choose the right belt size.


The key to a great outfit is accessories, and almost any outfit can be enhanced with a belt for a variety of different looks.

Belts can be simple and classic, bold and funky, dressy or casual, or any of a number of other styles. One of the keys to selecting the right belt for any outfit is to choose a belt that fits properly. Figuring out which size to buy, especially when buying online where there are no fitting rooms, can stump many people. However, if you know a few simple rules, choosing the right belt size is easy and virtually foolproof.

Understand how belts are sized.

Before you can choose the right belt size, you will need to understand what the size labels on belts actually mean. Typically, belts are measured from the edge of the buckle to the middle hole. This measurement does not usually include the buckle itself, although a small number of manufacturers do include the length of the buckle in the measurement. This measurement is then commonly stamped onto the back of the belt, so a number of 32, 34, 36, etc. on the belt will represent the size. Because belts go around your pants, not just around your waist, a properly fitting belt will usually be a little larger than your waist size or pants size.

Measure a belt you already wear.

If you already have a belt that fits but aren’t sure what size it is, you can measure it to determine your belt size for when you are ready to buy a new one. Do not measure the belt from end to end; this will not yield an accurate size to go by. Lay the belt out flat and measure from where the buckle attaches to the belt (do not include the buckle itself in your measurement) to the hole that you normally use. Choose the belt size that most closely matches this number for a perfect fit. Since belts are usually sized by measuring from the buckle to the middle hole, you will probably find that the new belt fits best when you use the middle hole, not whichever hole you currently use on your existing belt.

Go by your pants size.

One way for men to determine which belt size to choose is to buy a belt that is one to two inches larger than your current pants size, since men’s pants sizes are labeled according to waist measurement, like men’s belts. For example, if you wear a size 34 pants, you could order a size 36 belt. If you wear odd-size pants, such as 35, you would still choose a size 36 belt as that is one inch larger. Moving up to a 38 would mean a belt that was three inches larger than your pants size and most likely too big.

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How to Choose the Right Belt Size

by Janine Giorgenti