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How to Match Your Belts and Shoes

To match or not to match

By Janine Giorgenti

Quite often I am asked about whether one’s belt should match – in any particular manner – with their shoes. It seems as if there is a growing sentiment that suggests that “anything goes” when it comes to belt and shoe color combinations. I happen to disagree with with this stance.

For starters, if you’re wearing a dress belt with sneakers, that’s not “okay”. If you choose to wear sneakers with jeans, you should choose a casual belt (ex: fabric). Similarly, if you’re wearing dress pants or slacks, you should be wearing a dress belt.

As far as colors are concerned, yes, it is very difficult to achieve a “perfect match” when trying to match belts and shoe colors. Be it brown or black, you will be hard pressed to find a belt and shoes that exhibit the exact shade – of color – or texture. Instead, you want to aim for wearing belt and shoe combinations that fall within the same “family” of color. For instance, if you’re wearing a pair of dark brown oxfords, it is okay to wear a belt with a slightly lighter shade of brown.

Stay away from mixing brown and black shoe/belt combinations. While many are starting to soften their stance on black/brown combinations as a major fashion faux pas; it’s not an approach I feel comfortable recommending to my clients and readers.

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How to Match Your Belts and Shoes

by Janine Giorgenti