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How to remove that ring around the collar.

A pain in the neck.

By Janine Giorgenti

Remember Wisk’s TV commercials, Ring Around the Collar? Well, this collar stain continues to be the toughest to remove, I don’t care what laundry detergent you use.

My dear friend, Harris Schanhaut, told me he enjoyed my dressing tip on removing the shirt coffee stain. He said, “Actually, I have a bigger and very annoying problem with shirts.” He explained he gets a nasty stain around the neck of the collar – because of sweating and the oil from his skin.

I also struggle with this when cleaning my husband’s shirts, so I would like to offer a few tips to help you out.


If the shirt is heavily stained because of the oil produced from the skin, then use corn starch to lift and absorb the oil out of the shirt.


Pre-treat the stained area with shampoo. That’s right- shampoo! Think about it, it’s really very logical. Shampoos are made with ingredients that are meant to break up oil, sweat and dirt produced by your body. So, dab some shampoo into the stain and with an old tooth brush scrub it letting it remain over night before sending your shirts to the laundry or washing them yourself.


If that stubborn stain still persist after doing the steps above, saturate it with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda I promise you will kick that stain’s butt!

Stain done and gone!

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How to remove that ring around the collar.

by Janine Giorgenti