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How to Wear Shoes Without Socks

This Summer, Be Free

By Janine Giorgenti

This Summer, you are sure to see more and more men wearing shoes with no socks.

You may even stop to wonder if that’s a look that might work for you. Truth is, wearing shoes with no socks has become a very popular look among New York City and Long Island’s professionals. Not only is the style more of a common appearance among various personal and professional profiles, but, the look is becoming more commonplace among a greater variation of settings.

For starters, it is imperative to understand what kind of shoes play well to the “sock-less” look. While there is variety from business, business casual, to formal casual styles, you will want to wear low-cut shoes if you plan on sock-less during the Summer. Accepted varieties include Oxfords, Monk Strap shoes, Loafers, Moccasins, etc. The one rule of thumb, however, is to stay away from shoes that are ‘too formal’. The more formal the shoe, the more likely you will need to wear socks to accommodate.

At this point you may be wondering, “this sounds like it will require some extra work to keep my shoes clean from the inside”, and I would say that you are correct.

Here is how to keep your shoes fresh, clean, and smelling great after all the ‘foot-to-shoe’ contact.


No back-to-back days. Allow your shoes a good 24-48 period before wearing them again. The shoes require time to “dry out” in between usage. Moisture is the breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria (and you thought we didn’t discuss science on this blog).


Wash your feet. Wash your feet. Wash your feet. Did I drive the point home? Use anti-bacterial soap and make sure to lather in the deepest crevices of your toes. The objective is to remove odor and bacteria causing dead skin which accumulates over time. You will thank yourself the next time you decide to go sock-free.


Harness the power of a cedar tree.

More than just a decorative and organizational item, cedar trees have several benefits for your shoes. Generally, cedar trees will be designed to help maintain your shoe’s shape (which also avoids cracking and unwanted creasing). More relevant to this discussion, however, cedar trees do a great job of absorbing moisture from the insides of shoes while adding their natural cedar scent.


Use foot powder.

Odor Eaters (which contains sweat-absorbing talcum powder) is very useful in preventing bacteria build-up. Before putting on your shoes, sprinkle some Odor Eaters on your feet.

Have shoe odor? Here’s how to get rid of it.


Wash them.

So long as we’re discussing shoes made from canvas and/or synthetic fibers; in most cases they are safe for washing in a standard washing machine. Do not put them in the dryer. Let them dry naturally.


Use Sneaker Spray.

We previously discussed Odor Eaters as a preventative measure to avoid the build-up of bacteria. Sneaker Spray is a solid product that does well in killing festering bacteria inside your shoes. The product was created for sneakers, but, will also work for canvas/synthetic fiber shoes.


Freeze your shoes.

That’s right! The all-natural defense against bacteria and odor is freezing temperatures. Bacteria can not fester (or survive) in freezing conditions. Put your shoes in a ziploc or plastic bag, and, place in your freezer.

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How to Wear Shoes Without Socks

by Janine Giorgenti