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Is Your “Cheapest” Clothing Item Your Most Expensive?

Buyer Beware!

By Janine Giorgenti

What if I told you that buying your next shirt in the clearance section could be one of the biggest buying mistakes you make this summer?

Yes, one of your biggest mistakes.

When you make a buying decision that’s motivated by that bright red (or sometimes yellow) clearance sign, your forfeiting key aspects of the overall buying process (quality, function, need) – this is doubly true when it comes to fashion. Using “cheap” as a justification to make a clothing purchase can actually cost you more than you bargained for.

Buying cheap, however, is not the only buying mistake one makes.

Here are the most common buying mistakes that consumers make:

  1. Buying because it’s cheap.
  2. Buying because the item is part of a “super sale.”
  3. Buying clothing that is too small because the buyer is under the impression (sometimes, illusion) that they will lose weight.
  4. Buying clothing that you think you will have the time to alter.
  5. Buying clothing off the internet (the exception is if you know the brand and product).
  6. Buying when you are in a rush.
  7. Settling for something that you do not truly “like” or “love.”

My favorite (read: sarcasm) buying mistake made by many?

      8. Buying clothing without the thought of how it will coordinate with your existing wardrobe.

Bottom line?

Your cheapest clothing item might be your most expensive.


Let me explain (point by point):

  • Clothing orphans. Clothes that do not coordinate with other parts of your wardrobe and will not help to form an outfit.
  • Compromises on fit (because the item was on sale).
  • Poor quality that does not last beyond a few wearings.
  • Clothing items that do not complement your figure, physical characteristics, or personal style.
  • Clothing that never gets worn more than a few times, if ever.

Think about it, how many times have you come across that article of clothing in your closet and thought, “haven’t worn that recently (if ever), but, I will…some day” and kept it out of the justification that you “might” wear it again some day.

Stop settling. Stop compromising. Stop selling yourself short.

Go for quality. Every time.

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Janine Giorgenti

For over 25 years, Janine Giorgenti, renowned fashion designer and image consultant – has provided a long line of satisfied clients with unparalleled service and first class made-to-measure custom suits. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Vogue Magazine, The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, CBS, and other top media outlets – Janine has established a clientele of some of New York’s most successful and discerning professionals – including such New York dignitaries as former New York Islanders legend Bobby Nystrom and chief economist Dr. Irwin Kellner.

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Is Your “Cheapest” Clothing Item Your Most Expensive?

by Janine Giorgenti