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Lace-Up Shoes: Cap Toe vs Wingtip

The Difference Between Cap Toe Shoes and Wingtip Shoes

By Janine Giorgenti

Often times my clients ask me if they should wear lace-up shoes, and, I always respond in the affirmative. Lace-up shoes are an essential element for your wardrobe. The two most common types of lace-up shoes that I get asked about are Wingtip shoes and Cap Toe shoes, which are both great for wearing in the office and casual settings.


What are the differences between wingtip shoes and cap toe shoes?

Wingtip shoes, originally called a “brogue” shoe, are low-heeled shoes defined by multiple-piece (strong) leather uppers with decorative perforations which include serrated edges. Wingtip shoes originate from the “bogs” of Scotland.


The perforations were designed to allow water to drain (when walking through wet terrains). Amazingly enough, the same wingtip shoes that are worn – today – in office boardrooms were once considered “outdoor country” wear.

Another defining characteristic of a wingtip shoe is the “M” or “W” shape of the cap (when viewed from above). Wingtips are widely considered more casual than cap toe shoes.

Captoe shoes, on the other hand, feature a cap (with a straight edge) on the toe. It is, generally speaking, a formal design made for formal attire.


Today, the cap toe shoe is an acceptable element to sophisticated outfits and can be worn with dress slacks, jeans, chinos, and blazers.

Cap toe and wingtip shoes bring versatility, style, and a fashion forward sense to your wardrobe. I usually recommend black, brown, burgundy, and bordeaux as colors to look into.

These days the Cap Toe Oxford is often acceptable at less traditional Black Tie events and with dark evening suits. However, traditionally these are the quintessential dress shoes for your day – to – day suits and business wear. They can also be worn when you want to add a dash of sophistication to your casual dress options like chinos and a blazer. It is not recommended to wear black with denim.

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Lace-Up Shoes: Cap Toe vs Wingtip

by Janine Giorgenti