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Published on April 26th, 2016 | by Janine Giorgenti


Notched Lapels vs Peak Lapels

What is the difference between a Notched Lapel and a Peak Lapel?

By Janine Giorgenti

By now most of us have seen the hit TV show, Suits, or have seen the movie, The Great Gatsby? If you did, you may have noticed that the suits Harvey Spector or Jay Gatsby wear stand out and look more up-scale, sophisticated and stylish than any other man’s suit. Aside from impeccable tailoring and fabulous style coordination, a lot has to do with the fact that they are wearing a suit with a peak lapel.

I have had several customers ask me what the difference is between a notched lapel and a peak lapel suit or sport coat.

Let me clarify.

The Notched Lapel


“Lapels, notched lapels”

The notched lapel is the most popular standard in men’s suiting. It is traditional and timeless and is found on suit coats and sport coats ranging from a traditional weekend blazer or sport coat, to your everyday business suit. By definition, the notched lapel is categorized by a ‘notch’ where the jacket collar meets the lapel at a 75 – 90 degree angle.


Modern notched lapels

A notched lapel suit is your versatile go-to and can be worn as a casual sport coat over your favorite jeans or a suit for work, and for most occasions.

The Peaked Lapel


Classic peak lapel

A peaked lapel is defined by the lapel edges pointing up and towards the shoulder. A peak lapel suit has an air of formality. You often see peak lapels on tuxedos, double-breasted suits and fashionable single-breasted suit styles that are trending today.


Peak lapel x double ticket pocket

Peak lapel suits are gaining popularity especially with the trend toward dressing up. Many of my clients are even adding the accent of a contrast colored buttonhole stitch on the lapel. Combine that with a matching pocket square and you’re really stepping out in style.

Illusionary dressing technique tip:

If you are a man who is shorter in stature or has narrow shoulders; you can visually broaden the appearance of your shoulder and visually gain a few inches, with the effect of wearing a trimmer cut suit – with peaked lapels. This is possible because the viewer’s eye moves upward and outward thus creating the illusion of length and a broader shoulder.

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Notched Lapels vs Peak Lapels

by Janine Giorgenti