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It’s time. “Shorts weather” is here. By Janine Giorgenti Like a typical New Yorker, the Summer weather is late to the party and still wants to makes its presence known! Now that the summer weather has

officially arrived, it’s time to dress the part. Not only is it a matter of style and comfort (do you really want to be wearing slacks in 85-degree heat?), but shorts do offer opportunities for men to showcase their fashion sense that they did not previously realize.

Shorts are, however, a tricky subject for many men. It is understandable given that, for one, some men rarely – if ever – wear shorts. Furthermore, some men tend to be self-conscious and think that baggy shorts will allow them to fill the bill of wearing casual shorts, while hiding any imperfections. That’s the wrong approach!

Slim Shorts are in!

Here’s Why.

While it may appear that “loose fitting” shorts accomplish your fashion goals, it’s actually the opposite! Baggy and loose fitting shorts actually add “mass” to your legs and, well, derriere. It’s simple logic, the baggier your shorts, the more material you’re wearing (and concealing if you don’t tuck your shirt in). This does anything but flatter the lower half of your physique.

When buying your casual shorts this summer, look for a pair that offers a “snug” fit around the waist, rear, and thighs.

Give your Summer Wardrobe the Giorgenti Touch!

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Now Trending: Trim Fitting Shorts

by Janine Giorgenti