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Purple: The New Black

This Spring,  Purple is “In”

By Janine Giorgenti

Once associated as a color reserved for royalty, rich, elite, and powerful; purple is a trending color. Expect to see a lot more men wearing purple as the nicer weather settles into the New York tri-state area and spring wardrobes start to take the stage.

Purple is a very “diverse” color, with shades ranging from an – almost – “soft white” to a dark “navy-ish” shade; which makes it versatile in its usage and what it can go with. In a way, purple allows you to use it as a dominant or subtle color in your overall ensemble.

Need more incentive to wear purple? It may actually help your chances with women! That’s right; according to a 2012 study, 36% of women were more willing to accept a date with a man dressed in purple.

Purple is seen as a color that equates with intelligence, and we all know that intelligence is sexy!

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Purple: The New Black

by Janine Giorgenti