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How to ‘Macgyver’ your way out of Wardrobe Malfunctions

We’ve all been there

By Janine Giorgenti

You’re rushing to get to an important meeting, when suddenly Murphy’s Law decides to wreak havoc. Without a moment’s notice, you lose a button, or, the hem of your pants comes down.

What do you do – with minutes to spare – before that big meeting or presentation?

Here are (3) quick fixes to Macgyver your way out of any fashion disaster:

1. Carry Masking Tape.

Masking tape has long been a trick for 7th Ave fashion designers to fix or shorten a hem, especially for fashion shows (before models strut their stuff on a cat walk). Keep a roll in your draw and if/when the occasion arises, tear off a piece, press it on the hem, and you’re good to go.

2. Spare shirt buttons are a lifesaver.

Remember that time you saw your co-worker’s shirt and you thought, “wait, is it me or is there a button missing from their shirt?” Chances are, it wasn’t just you. Missing shirt buttons are a surefire way to signal that you are not aware of what you’re wearing. You have that mini ziploc bag attached to your shirt (and suit jackets) – with buttons – for a reason; keep them in an accessible place (and save yourself from an embarrassing moment).

Bonus tip: keep a set of spare collar stays handy. This may not seem as urgent as a missing button, but your collar is one of the first things colleagues will notice about your ensemble. Make sure it remains firm.

3. Thread the needle.

To truly be like Macgyver (or your favorite quarterback), you must learn to thread the needle.

This is easier than it sounds (even if you have the Macgyver theme playing in your head). Simply ‘pre-thread’ a needle with a white thread, so that if/when you ever need to go into action, you don’t have to waste time by trying to thread the needle at that moment. This will make you prepared if you notice a loose button that needs tightening or replacing.

If you absolutely cannot sew, ask for someone in your office to help, like say the cute girl that you have always been looking to strike up a conversation with!

Crisp. Classy. Professional.


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How to ‘Macgyver’ your way out of Wardrobe Malfunctions

by Janine Giorgenti