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Remove Tie Stains in 4 Easy Steps

Save your ties.

By Janine Giorgenti

It happens to the best of us. You’re at a company outing, networking event, or upscale dinner, and at a moment’s notice your enjoyment of the situation turns to utter panic as you notice that your beautiful silk tie has a sampling of what’s on your plate or in your glass.

You just stained your tie. Now what?

Here’s how to remove that pesky stain from your tie.

Step 1

Never rub the stained area.

Rubbing the stained area of a tie will not only spread the stain, but, the act of rubbing will drive the contents – of the stain – deeper into the fine threading of your tie.

Step 2

Use a cloth or rag (not a paper towel).

The difference between the construction of a paper towel vs a cloth or rag is that the paper towel’s fine remnants can bind to the fibers of your tie, creating its own mess. A tablecloth is a more desirable alternative as the strong construction allows you to remove food particles and dry wet stains without spreading the messy area.

Step 3

In a bind? Use club soda and salt.

Club soda is an excellent stain remover (even if you’re not extremely fond of the taste), and, when combined with salt; you’re looking at a very powerful stain removal duo for silk ties. The trick here is to gently blot the affected area with club soda, sprinkle a generous (but not excessive) amount of salt on the stain, and re-apply a liberal amount of club soda. Repeat if needed.

Step 4

Upon reaching home, use baby powder.

The talc in baby powder will absorb the stain and prevent it from settling into the fabrics of your tie. Leave the powder on the stained area for several hours and then gently brush off using a cloth or soft rag.

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Remove Tie Stains in 4 Easy Steps

by Janine Giorgenti