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Six Steps to the Perfect Windsor Knot

The regal choice. By Janine Giorgenti The Windsor Knot, named in honor of the Duke of Windsor, is the knot – of choice – for men who prefer the “thick knot” look. The Duke was known

to prefer a wide, triangular knot; if not specifically the modern rendition of the Windsor Knot that we have come to know of today.

When discussing tie knots, the Windsor Knot is the one that generally gets mentioned most often. There’s a reason for this, it’s a great look! Windsor Knots go great with the wide collar look; a display that has been featured – heavily – in modern suit ensembles.

(Above) – The – World Cup champion – German national team, with stylish head coach Joachim Low (front). Low has established a reputation for being a sharp dresser. The group – seen here – wearing wide collar shirts, which go very well with Windsor Knots. 

Here are (6) easy steps to your next Windsor Knot.

1. Begin with the “wide” end of your tie on the right hand side, and, the “small” end on the left. The tip of the “small” end should lie slightly above your belly button. You will – only – be moving the wide end.

2. Move the wide end over the small end, over to the left.

3. Proceed to move the wide end up to the neck loop, down to the left hand side, around the back of the “small” end to the right hand side.

4. Ease up through the center, towards the neck loop.

5. Move the wide end across the front and to the left, up through the neck loop from underneath, and down the loop you have created (in the front).

6. Pull down on the wide end to tighten the knot. Finish the look by sliding the knot up and adjusting accordingly.

Looking for a beautiful new tie to test out your Windsor Knot tying prowess ? Giorgenti New York carries a wide variety of fine men’s ties!

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Six Steps to the Perfect Windsor Knot

by Janine Giorgenti