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Published on October 27th, 2014 | by Janine Giorgenti


Top 10 Men’s Wardrobe Tips on What to Wear for a Hot Date

Dress to impress.

Hot date? Make the kind of impression that will score you another date. Married? Try these dressing tips to reignite the passion on a date-night with your wife.


1-Slacks and jeans

Wear pants that fit well, especially your butt. That’s right! Booties are in and women check that out too!


Make sure your pants are not baggy in the seat, too wide in the thighs, or too low in the crotch. A well-fitting pair of dress slacks or jeans bodes well with the ladies.

2-Tops and shirts

Although your well-worn loose t-shirts are comfortable, they really don’t make a great impression on a date (especially a first date). Women prefer to be with a man who is smartly dressed. Opt for a well-fitted casual dress shirt, or fresh-looking polo. If you’re young and have a good body, stylish crew necks, or mock turtleneck knit-tops provide for a modern look that will suit you well. The out-shirt look is dated and is no longer a fashion trend. Formal dressing is today’s “look du jour”, so tuck it in and wear a belt.

3-Sport coats

Sport coats are quite the fashion trend and classy looking. It also adds structure to a man’s shoulders and visually slims the waist. What woman can resist a man with broad shoulders and a trim waist?



This is the part that completes the look. Don’t blow it with cheep, scuffed, or inappropriate shoes. Please leave the joggers at home and opt for a leather stylish shoe with a sole that compliments your outfit.



Yeah, sorry guys – but ladies notice this. Try the new cooler looking patterned and more colorful accented socks to adorn your look and add panache to your style.



Make sure your belt is not frayed, ratty, or have some ‘over the top’ belt buckle. “Watch” what you’re wearing – the right timepiece can really highlight your fashion IQ.



A touchy subject but go for cool-looking boxers instead of the tidy-whites. When the time is right, you will thank us.

7-Coordinate your outfits!

Don’t just haphazardly wing it. The key is to pull it all together by matching your colors and carefully coordinate your outfits, right down to the right shoes and accessories. Remember, you are the walking representation of your personal brand – and this rule applies to dating as well. The ability to coordinate your entire ensemble is the best way to show your date that you have your “stuff” together.

8- Wear colors that are sophisticated and look flattering on you.

If you know me, you know that one of the dimensions that I emphasize is color. When assessing wardrobe recommendations for my clients, I strongly take color into consideration. The right – complementing – color scheme can make or break your overall look. Not every color suits everyone the same. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask; and I’ll be happy to elaborate.

9-Dress age appropriate.

If you’re young and have the physique; you want to highlight your features – with trimmer, shorter fitting tops, shirts, suits and sport coats. In addition, you are better off wearing slimmer fitting jeans and pants. You can also go tighter with the knit tops to show off your gains from the gym, as long as you don’t over do it.

For the more mature gents, you can keep the essence of what the younger men are wearing with the slightly narrower lapels and updated looks and lengths, but be careful because the cut of the clothing needs to be complementary to your figure type.


10- Know the dress protocol of the event or place you are planning to attend and dress accordingly.

There is nothing more embarrassing than to show up at a party, event, or on a date, inappropriately dressed for the occasion. How formal or informal do you need to be? What is the dress code? Understanding the event and protocol will make dressing for the occasion much easier and you feel much more confident and comfortable.

Now that you know what to wear, it’s date night!

Exude all the confidence that goes along with being well dressed for your date, knowing that you look dashing in your “Suit of Armor”, dressed perfectly for the occasion.

Be self-assured and sweep her off her feet!

Make a – sexy – first impression and score another date! Giorgenti New York has a wide selection of men’s slacks, sport coats, dress shirts, and accessories. Let Janine make you the toast of your next date by customizing a wardrobe for your next big night out!


Have any questions? Call us at (646) 957-6916 or leave us a note below.

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Top 10 Men’s Wardrobe Tips on What to Wear for a Hot Date

by Janine Giorgenti