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The Ideal Length of a Men’s Tie

Does Height and Body Type Affect the Ideal Length of a Men’s Tie?

By Janine Giorgenti

In short, the tip of your tie should fall between the top and bottom of your belt when you stand straight. While styles, widths, and knots have varied and – to an extent – evolved over time; the one rule – that has remained as a constant – is the tie/belt ratio.

I have long maintained that a tie is one of the most powerful wardrobe items a professional can possess. There are far fewer articles of clothing that will speak more volumes about your personality, taste, and level of confidence.

Regarding proper tie length, many would argue that it depends on the individual wearing it. This may go a long way in explaining why Italian ties are – generally – in the 58-59 inch range; whereas English ties are usually 57-inches.

Let’s examine proper tie-length by height and body type.

Ties For Shorter Men.

The tie should be worn in a manner that results in the tip of the tie ending near the center of your belt buckle. Furthermore, the narrow (back) end of the tie should be 100% covered by the broad (front) end of the tie. This does – at times – present challenges, given that many manufacturers don’t make shorter ties (unless they are for kids and young adults). This can be alleviated by tying the knot in a manner that will allow for extra “give” for the broad end. The alternative is to have a tailor shorten the narrow (back) end by 1-2 inches.

Ties For Big & Tall Men.

Let’s classify this category as men that are – or above – 6’2 and/or have a larger-sized neck. Men in this classification should be wearing longer ties, especially if the preference is to have a “larger” tie knot – like the Full Windsor. If your height (inches) and neck size (inches) – together – exceed 93-inches; an extra-long tie may be your best option. Extra-long ties generally run in the 61-63 inch range, which is roughly 4-5 inches longer than a typical tie length. The principles remain the same, for ‘big & tall’ men, the tip of the tie should end between the top and bottom of the belt, but this length does allow for more knot-tying options.

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The Ideal Length of a Men’s Tie

by Janine Giorgenti