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The Technology that Makes our Suits Water Repellent, Wrinkle-Free, and Comfortable.

Smart Clothing Technology. Imagine a packable suit that doesn’t wrinkle, resists stains, is water repellent, has stretch in all the right places and feels like your wearing pajamas?

By Janine Giorgenti

Often times I am asked what makes Giorgenti New York suits so comfortable (and water resistant).

Here are the answers.

1. Innovation Using Cutting-Edge Technologies

Fashion and technology is ever changing. Giorgenti New York is excited to embrace advanced technology and blend it with old-world craftsmanship to meet the needs of our demanding fast-pace clientele.

2. Performance Enhanced Nano Techno-Fabrics

Our fabrics are woven from fibers that are spun into hi-twist yarns. The hi-twist yarns make the finished product resistant to creases and wrinkles. The hi-twist also creates a “coil-like” structure to the yarn that allows the woven fabric to stretch out and return to its original shape.

Wondering what makes our suits water resistant? Performance fabrics use Nano-technology to give them spill-resistant, and crease-resistant, properties. Nano-technology is a treatment that forms an invisible molecular shield around the fibers to give woven fabrics their performance properties.

3. Advanced Technology in Construction

Our Pants

Performance trousers have a unique stretch component sewn into the waistband that allows up 1 ½” of stretch.

Our Suit Coats and Sport Coats

Performance jackets are made with stretch panels sewn into the jacket interior around the shoulder area. These panels allow for easier movement and add an extra level of comfort.

If you demand the absolute best in style, fit, and performance – schedule a custom appointment with Janine Giorgenti! Spring is right around the corner; be on the cutting edge of the latest business fashion trends.  Call Giorgenti New York – at (646) 957-6916 – or click below.

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Janine Giorgenti

For over 25 years, Janine Giorgenti, renowned fashion designer and image consultant – has provided a long line of satisfied clients with unparalleled service and first class made-to-measure custom suits. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Vogue Magazine, The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, CBS, and other top media outlets – Janine has established a clientele of some of New York’s most successful and discerning professionals – including such New York dignitaries as former New York Islanders legend Bobby Nystrom and chief economist Dr. Irwin Kellner.

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The Technology that Makes our Suits Water Repellent, Wrinkle-Free, and Comfortable.

by Janine Giorgenti