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To Tuck, or not to Tuck.

That is the question.

By Janine Giorgenti

Should you tuck-in your shirt, or, leave it un-tucked? Maybe not quite the Shakespearean quandary, but nonetheless, it is a question many professional men ask about – as far as it concerns professional and casual settings.

Tucking in one’s shirt generally entails a gesture of professionalism. This applies from tucking a men’s dress shirt into a suit ensemble, to a toned down business casual outfit featuring a dress shirt and slacks (or khakis), all the way down to uniform requirements – in basketball and soccer – enforcing that players tuck their uniforms into their shorts.

The un-tucked look entails a more casual appearance. Some find the un-tucked look to be more comfortable, free, and allowing for easier range of movement. Some, on the other hand, find that the un-tucked look is a “younger, less stuffier” look, as some of my clients have indicated to me.

Which one is right for you?

A standard dress shirt has a longer tail length and is meant to be tucked into pant. It has a longer shirt tail length and deep curved tails, so that when you raise your arms the shirt tails do not come out of the pant. When a standard dress shirt is worn un-tucked it looks awkward, sloppy and proportionately too long.

Shirts that are meant to be worn as un-tucked shirts, have a much shorter shirt tail length and the bottom is cut more shallow. This gives a younger, sportier, more proportional casual look.


Leaving them un-tucked would create an unsightly (and unkempt) appearance that looks downright silly.


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Men’s button down shirts that extend to “crotch level” are acceptable to be left un-tucked. I have seen plenty of examples of good Oxford button down shirts that fit this bill for professionals looking for a younger, yet refined, appearance.


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Important to note: if you’re wearing an un-tucked shirt, you must make sure that the shirt is properly pressed from top to bottom, especially the bottom.

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To Tuck, or not to Tuck.

by Janine Giorgenti