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Trending for Spring 2016: Polka Dot Ties

Dots Right!

By Janine Giorgenti

Polka dot shirts and ties are resurgent force in men’s fashion. Polka dots have long been a classic staple in the men’s fashion industry. Polka dots are unique for their eye-catching and bold prints. The symmetry and differentiation from traditional stripes makes a polka dot pattern stand out. This unique distinction can earn you that additional glance (or two) if worn correctly.

The key to wearing polka dot shirts or ties is to make it work without “going all dotty”.


As is my general suggestion, a dark color (navy blue or black) with white dots is the way to go. It is a sleek, catchy look, that is bold yet clean. Further, make sure that the dots aren’t too big; they should be a part of the show – not the actual show.



The same general principles that I outlined for shirts apply for ties as well. A polka dot tie carries a ton of versatility in that it goes with a wide variety of dress shirts – from colors and patterns. The sheer nature of a polka dot tie (again, sticking to a dark tone/white dot theme) allows it to stand out independently.


Bonus : Scarves!


This is where you really get to show off your fashion savvy. Polka dot scarves are a sensational addition to your professional or formal ensemble. While my suggestion is to stay on the darker end of the color spectrum, polka dot scarves complement a wide variety of suit (and topcoat) colors and styles.

True to form, they are a bold tribute to your fashion sense and work in professional, formal, and casual settings.

Go Dotty! Show off your fashion sense.


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Trending for Spring 2016: Polka Dot Ties

by Janine Giorgenti