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Tying a Bow Tie in 6 Easy Steps

Make your mark

By Janine Giorgenti

Whether you’re royalty, aspiring to be the next James Bond, or just someone who enjoys making a statement without saying a word; bow ties are the perfect choice for men who favor uniqueness and a sense of individualism in the way they dress.

Here are SIX easy steps to tying your bow tie.




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1. Lay bow tie around your neck.

With your collar turned upward, drape the tie around your neck – in a manner that allows the ends to hang down. One end should be an inch lower than the other end.

2.  Cross the long side over the short side.

Clasp the two sides towards the front of your neck, where the two pieces meet.

3. Loop the “long side” underneath the crossover, up towards your chin.

Lead the “long” end up and under the – created – loop by the crossover (from the last step), up to your chin, forming a single knot.

Note: Leave the long end on your shoulder to keep it from interfering while you tend to the shorter end.

4 -Use the “short” end to make a bow form.

Holding the shorter end, form the first loop of you bow, holding it horizontally towards the front of your neck so that it looks like a bow tie missing the middle knot. Grasp the bow form – loosely – where the knot will be, all while keeping a finger behind the knot – as a placeholder.

5 – Drape the “long” end over the top.

In this step, you will be taking the longer end and dropping it straight down over the front of the bow. This will become the center of your bow tie.

6 – Loop the “long” end through the placeholder (held by your finger).

Holding the longer end (by the bottom), start forming it into a loop as you swing it behind the – already formed – bow form (where you’re grasping the layers together).

You will now work this loop through the slow between the bow and the knot – at the back (refer to the placeholder in step 4).

You should now have a fully formed bow tie!

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Tying a Bow Tie in 6 Easy Steps

by Janine Giorgenti