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What to Look for in your Next Pair of Slacks

Attention to detail goes a long way. By Janine Giorgenti With the weather – finally – inching towards ‘tolerable’, this marks the period of time – in the calendar year – when Spring fashions start to

start to transition to the forefront.

Recently I have fielded many questions regarding slacks and dress pants. Primarily, my clients want to know – among other things – what their ideal pant length is, and, whether they should choose cuffed or plain bottoms.

Here are three things to look for when picking out your next pair of slacks.

1 – The ‘ideal’ length.

I generally tell my clients to go with the medium break, for the ‘classic’ look in men’s slacks and dress pants. In many areas of clothing, I am a big proponent of “finishing the look”, and for a professional (or business casual) ensemble – a medium break provides a nice complement to a full suit ensemble or a simple combination with a dress shirt. The medium break provides a “clean” break across the pant leg. It is the look I recommend to businessmen.

What you don’t want is for the end of your pants to be “flopping” around your ankles and the upper regions of your shoes, that presents a messy and unkempt look.

2 – Pleated or flat front? Cuffed or plain bottom?

When discussing a suit trouser, whether it’s flat front or pleated, the bottoms may feature either plain or cuffed bottoms. Similarly, this also applies to pleated trousers – when worn as separates. That said, when flat front slacks are worn, as separates, they should feature plain bottoms.

3 – Bottom width.

Generally speaking, there are two approaches that go into deciding a dress pant or slack’s bottom width. One is to adhere to the style of ensemble that you’re wearing. For example, if you’re going for a business casual or slim fit look – you will want a narrow leg bottom width. Conversely, a more conservative look will call for a medium width bottom.

The second criteria is to go with shoe size. Ultimately, the bottom width should manufacture a visual balance between the pant bottom and the shoes. A bigger shoe size will – generally – call for a wider bottom, whereas a smaller shoe size will dictate a more narrow pant bottom.

I do not recommend going for an overly wide pant bottom in any scenario.

Coming Thursday, find out what style and color socks should you wear to complement your dress slacks.

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What to Look for in your Next Pair of Slacks

by Janine Giorgenti