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What to Wear Under a Dress Shirt

Not a minor detail.

By Janine Giorgenti

Unless you’re a marvel of genetics, chances you are you are a man who tends to perspire from time to time. While sweat may be your body’s natural response to wearing multiple layers of clothes, it can spell disaster for the beautiful dress shirts that underscore your professional ensemble.

Wearing deodorant helps, but the aluminum content in today’s antiperspirants pose as much of a danger to your dress shirts as sweat itself.

The time-tested solution has been to wear an undershirt. What I have noticed (and yes, this is something I do look for) is that many men do not know what kind of undershirts (or which colors) to wear with their dress shirts, and, are unaware of how much that may detract from an otherwise stellar combination.

In my opinion, your best bet is to go with a standard v-neck shirt under most dress shirts. I prefer v-necks as much for their clean look – along with the ability to protect your dress shirts from sweat – as much as I am against crew neck shirts. For the most part, to be blunt, I view crew neck undershirts as the equivalent of wearing an underwear around your upper-body. It’s a sloppy look.

It stands to reason, but deserves enforcing, you wear a white undershirt under a white dress shirt. Anything other than a white undershirt will show through your white dress shirt. Again, it may seem like a minor detail – to some – while getting dressed, but it is the quickest way to be exposed as a ‘careless’ dresser. Dark undershirts are okay for striped or checked shirts, as then it is a matter of style.

Finally, make sure your undershirts are form fitting. What you do not want is to have an undershirt that may be loose and bunching up when you tuck in your dress shirt.

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What to Wear Under a Dress Shirt

by Janine Giorgenti