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Published on February 13th, 2018 | by Janine Giorgenti


Why a Three-Piece Suit is Your BEST Investment

The Ultimate in Men’s Suit Versatility

By Janine Giorgenti

When building a wardrobe, or adding to an already established wardrobe, you always want to purchase pieces that contribute to at least three or more outfits. This allows for a more cost effective wardrobe, and gives a man the ability to put together a variety of outfits with the pieces they already own. Doing so also allows for the pieces worn to appear fresh, and eliminate the “wear the same thing all the time” factor that everybody notices.

This is exactly why a Three-Piece Suit is your BEST purchase!

A Three-Piece suit is the absolute epitome of a smart purchase when breaking up your wardrobe into different outfits.

Here are some outfit combinations to break ONE Three-Piece suit into a multitude of outfits:

  1. The Full Suit

This one is obvious, but the classiness of this outfit is unmatched by any! This is a staple outfit that EVERY man, no matter what he does, should own.

  2. The 2 Piece

You might opt to wear this suit without the vest, as it offers a completely different look.

This actually offers two outfits, as you can wear the suit with or without a tie, and have two different looks right there!

      3. The Shirt & Vest Look

A more relaxed, yet still dapper look, this outfit is one of the best summer outfits you can wear!

This outfit has almost the same classiness as a suit, without causing you to overheat. You can choose to wear the matching pants to the suit, or even another pair of pants that matches!

      4. The Sport Coat and Trousers Look

You can break the jacket away from the suit, and actually use it as a sport coat with a pair of trousers instead. This is a very appropriate outfit for Business Casual, or travel.

      5. The Sport Coat and Jeans Favorite

This is actually a fan favorite from many of you!

You told us how much you love this look, and you can add this to the checklist every time you get a new 3 Piece Suit! Probably the absolute best dinner-date outfit you could possibly have, this is a new level of style and comfort!

Experience the versatility of a beautiful custom Three-Piece suit by Giorgenti!
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Janine Giorgenti

For over 25 years, Janine Giorgenti, renowned fashion designer and image consultant – has provided a long line of satisfied clients with unparalleled service and first class made-to-measure custom suits. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Vogue Magazine, The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, CBS, and other top media outlets – Janine has established a clientele of some of New York’s most successful and discerning professionals – including such New York dignitaries as former New York Islanders legend Bobby Nystrom and chief economist Dr. Irwin Kellner.

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Why a Three-Piece Suit is Your BEST Investment

by Janine Giorgenti